Pinkoala,  proudly supporting Breast Cancer charities via the sale of original greeting cards, Christmas cards, art prints and lapel pins…

My name is Linda Papworth, but I trade as an artist under the name of Linda Garland.

I am an illustrator living in the bayside suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. I have been drawing and painting from a very young age, working  mainly in traditional media – pencils, pen, watercolours and acrylic paints. I love Australian, quirky or humorous things and my art style is invariably done in a whimsical manner. I have worked at one time as a folk artist.

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the age of 31 after finding a small lump. Whilst having treatment, I found out about an organisation called Dragons Abreast Australia – Dragon boating for Breast Cancer survivors.  I joined the local team closest to me, Dragons Abreast Peninsula Dragonflys. The exercise is beneficial in reducing lymphedema (swelling of the arm) that often occurs after Breast Cancer surgery – and the camaraderie and support of such clubs is wonderful.  I first began to utilize my artistic skills by designing and creating various cards, tee-shirts and bookmarks to raise funds for my club.

After paddling with the Dragonflys for a number of years,  an amazing and most unexpected event occurred. Our team was featured on a television show. What we had believed to be a local documentary turned out to be Australia’s Secret Millionaire!!!!

Our club was given a brand new boat, and my husband Mike and I were given a very generous gift which allowed us to travel to Canada to attend the 2010 International Dragonboat Regatta for Breast Cancer survivors in Peterborough. Whilst there I met a fellow Breast Cancer survivor who was selling lapel pins for fundraising. This gave me the idea to design and make my own pins back in Australia.

I later entered a local drawing competition run by Koko Black Chocolates in Melbourne. After making the top 20 in 2010 (with a broken hand),  the following year I won!!!! My artwork featured on some of their 2012 Easter products. The prize money I received was to be used to further my art career, so I arranged for this website to be created. Additionally, I have produced  some new pins and a fun range of  Christmas Cards and Greeting Cards, many featuring Dragon boats!

I would like to thank everyone who purchased Christmas Cards and pins last year, and greeting cards this year,  via website, markets or stalls.  Together we have raised much needed funds for the following Breast Cancer Charities; Dragons Abreast Australia, Cancer Australia (Breast Cancer Research), DA Peninsula Dragonflys, DA Gippsland Warratahs and South C’s Warrnambool, and DA Melbourne (individual Dragon  boat clubs). This brings the total donations to $3,950 since November 2010.

(Many Thanks to Dragons Abreast australia, DA Peninsula Dragonflys, DA Gippsland warratahs, South C’s Warrnambool, DA Canberra and M. Evans for their support and assistance in making this possible.)

I hope to make my way in life as a professional artist and I also hope to make a difference in the fight against Breast Cancer, both with donations, and by continuing to raise the awareness of dragon boating as an important rehabilitation option for Breast Cancer survivors.

Thank you for visiting my website, and if you want to see more of my art work and some behind the scenes work- in- progress videos, like my facebook page – Pinkoala, or follow me on instagram -lindagarlandpinkoala